House of WOW

Between San Rafael and Santa Gertrudis, you'll find House of WOW, with a stunning garden terrace surrounded and a location surrounded by nature. This restaurant truly sets itself apart from many others and is definitely worth a visit! It's difficult to say how to describe this style. It's a combination of various styles. But, the design of the restaurant gives you a wow-factor because its decorated down to the smallest details, which giving you a warm welcoming and homely feeling!

Local ingredients for global foodies
Led by the Chef David Reartes, the kitchen at WOW is a present. Every dish, crafted with the freshest local ingredients, certified by Ibizan producers is a nod to Ibiza's gastronomic legacy. From timeless classics to innovative creations, the menu is drives you through the island's diverse flavors. And of course, there's plenty of choice for vegans too!

Special sundays with food & live music from 13:00 - 20:00
At House of WOW, entertainment is as important as the cuisine, ensuring you have the most enjoyable visit as possible! Every sunday, Chef David Reartes and his talented team prepare a delightful menu. And for the kids, they crafted a menu too. Isn't that nice? Something different than the usual fries and chicken nuggets. When you decide to spend you evening at WOW, you'll be entertained by superb and chill Ibiza music played by great DJs.


  • Accepts Credit Card

  • Bike Parking

  • No Smoking

  • Pets Friendly

  • Private Parking

  • Vegetarian options

  • Wheelchair Friendly

  • WiFi

Quick menu

  • Iberian ham, loaf bread with scrubbed tomato

    Creamy Iberian ham with juicy tomatoes on crispy bread, finished with "Can Andreu" extra virgin olive oil
  • Cuttlefish croquettes "Peix Nostrum" in its own ink

    Crispy cuttlefish croquettes, stewed in their own ink for an intense flavor
  • Balearic black pork campaign pate

    Creamy pate made from Balearic black pork, full of flavor
  • Popular

    Prawns and squid "Peix Nostrum" with garlic

    Juicy prawns and squid seasoned with garlic for a flavorful experience
  • Beetroot from "Juntos Farm"

    Roasted beets served with onion and creamy Stracciatella cheese
  • Cod in pil pil & roasted leek

    Tender cod cooked in pil pil sauce with roasted leek for a flavorful dish
  • Popular

    Stewed chicken from "Terra Viva" in cocotte

    Succulent chicken stewed to perfection in a cocotte, offering a comforting and hearty meal
  • WOW Burger

    A sensational burger crafted from free-range Mallorcan pasture-raised veal, offering a juicy and flavorful experience
  • Free-grazing beef rib

    Juicy and tender beef rib sourced from free-grazing cattle, cooked to perfection for a satisfying and indulgent dish
  • WOW Salad

    A vibrant salad featuring a mix of seasonal, raw, fermented, and pickled vegetables and greens sourced from Ibiza
  • Sautéed red rice

    Red rice sautéed with a medley of vegetables sourced from Ibiza's orchard
  • Sweet potato, chickpeas and Ibiza herbs

    A flavorful combination of sweet potato and chickpeas seasoned with Ibiza herbs, providing a hearty and nutritious option
  • Popular

    Mezze maniche pasta “al pesto” with Ibiza almonds

    Mezze maniche pasta served with a traditional pesto sauce infused with Ibiza almonds, offering a delightful twist on a classic dish
  • Toro Albalá, ‘Don PX’

    Dive into the deep richness of Pedro Ximénez from Montilla Moriles, España
  • Popular

    Viñedos Verticales ‘Noctiluca’

    Hailing from Sierra de Málaga, España, this Moscatel offers a delightful bouquet of floral aromas and honeyed notes
  • Château Prost

    Blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon from Sauternes, Francia 2015. This wine is a symphony of flavors, with hints of apricot, honey, and a touch of oak
  • Dow’s Fine White

    Experience the essence of Porto, Portugal, with this blend of Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca
  • Quinta do Noval LBV

    This Late Bottled Vintage port is rich in flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and spices


Ensuring a safe dining for all
What is very nice, especially if you have allergies, they prioritize transparency and attentiveness to guests dietary needs. The staff is always available to provide allergen information and assistance. House of WOW understand that dining is a something personal, so they strive to accommodate the unique preferences and restrictions of each guest. Whether you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, the team will ensure that your visit is seamless and enjoyable.


Directions and parking
Parking here is absolutely no problem! And it's not difficult to drive to either. When you come from the roundabout and exit it, continue straight ahead until you see a large sign with "WOW" on your right side. The enormous parking lot is also hard to miss.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Eco-conscious approach
House of WOW is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that its operations have minimal impact on the environment. The restaurant prioritizes locally sourced ingredients, reducing carbon footprints and supporting the local economy. Additionally, House of WOW promotes waste reduction and recycling initiatives, allowing guests to enjoy their dining experience guilt-free, knowing that sustainability is at the forefront of the values.


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  • Sunday 13:00 - 20:00

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