Las Dos Lunas

Prestige and charm
It is impossible to miss this restaurant, located near San Rafael, within walking distance from Privilege and Amnesia. It's an old farmhouse and one of the most beautiful and romantic restaurants in Ibiza, having opened its doors in 1981. You might have driven past it many times without noticing it. Many celebrities have dined here. From Mick Jagger to the King of Spain, from supermodels to well-known DJs, they have all experienced the irresistible taste of this traditional Italian cuisine.

The perfect escape
While Las Dos Lunas has hosted many famous personalities, it values discretion and guest privacy above all, preserving countless anecdotes, stories, and secrets. The restaurant is the perfect escape from the crowds or a warm-up spot for the night ahead. The stylish setting features art and whimsical décor, romantic tables for two, social round tables, and long banquet-style settings.

Las Dos Lunas Ibiza 10

0 Km philosophy with local products
The cuisine, where homemade pasta plays an essential role, mixes classical Italian dishes with Mediterranean influences where traditional flavors are cherished. It prioritizes a 0 Km philosophy with local products, having its own ecological garden that gives the option to serve fresh vegetables grown through organic procedures. In addition, there is a wood fired oven strategically located on the terrace where bread and focaccia are baked daily.

The soul of Las Dos Lunas
Las Dos Lunas radiates personality, standing tall against modern corporatism. Run by the Lucarini family for over 40 years, every member collaborates to continue their cherished legacy. This family unity sets them apart from contemporary franchises and megaprojects, infusing the restaurant with a unique experience that guests can feel and not will forget.

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The kitchen

The freshest vegetables and bread
As already mentioned, Las Dos Lunas embraces a 0 Km philosophy, using local products, with homemade pasta playing a crucial role in the kitchen. The restaurant has its own ecological garden, serving the freshest vegetables and baking their own bread daily right on the terrace!

To start
Begin your evening with a selection of antipasti that sets the stage for the feast ahead. Lets say, try the Gazpacho a Go Go, a refreshing starter that bursts with vibrant flavors, or indulging in Grilled Vegetables with Basil Infused Oil, a harmonious blend of fresh produce and aromatic herbs. Or, if you like the taste of the sea, try the Rock Mussels Gratin, where tender mussels are baked to perfection with a golden, cheesy crust.

The homemade pasta
Of course, no Italian restaurant would be complete without pasta. And here at Las Dos Lunas, the pasta is a source of immense pride. This isn't just any pasta, it's homemade and hand-crafted, a rarity in today's fast-paced world.

reducing carbon footprints and supporting the local economy.

But let's not forget about the risotto. This dish requires extra care and attention to prepare, and it's not something you can easily find or make at home. If you want to try something truly special, opt for one of the amazing risottos at Las Dos Lunas. The Risotto alla Milanese, with its fragrant saffron, or the Cep Mushrooms Risotto, with its earthy richness, are perfect choices. These dishes are not only delicious but also showcase the culinary expertise of the chefs.

Quick menu

  • Gazpacho

    A refreshing blend of Spanish vegetables, served chilled for a cool start
  • Popular

    Rock mussels gratin

    Mussels luxuriously gratinated, a taste of the ocean's bounty
  • Vitello tonnato

    Delicate slices of cold veal, complemented by a rich tuna and capers sauce
  • Tuna tartar

    Freshly diced tuna, a raw delicacy that melts in your mouth
  • Aubergines parmigiana style

    Layers of aubergine, cheese, and tomato, baked to perfection
  • Rigatoni carbonara etrusca

    Rigatoni with a Tuscan twist, paired with peppery arugula
  • Popular

    Risotto alla Milanese

    A Milanese classic, golden rice with saffron and parmigiano
  • Chef’s tris of pasta

    A trio of the chef's best pasta creations, perfect for sharing (min. 2p)
  • Traditional meat Lasagna

    Rich and savory Meat Lasagna, a timeless classic crafted with layers of tender homemade pasta
  • Filet mignon

    Tender veal, prepared in a Mediterranean style
  • Popular

    Pollo payés

    Chicken breast, stuffed and prepared in the traditional Payés style
  • Scaloppine al limone o marsala

    Tender veal, sautéed in your choice of zesty lemon or rich Marsala sauce
  • Grilled Black Tiger Prawns

    Experience the exquisite taste of Grilled Black Tiger Prawns
  • Tiramisú

    Layers of coffee-soaked delight, dusted with cocoa
  • Popular

    Abanico de chocolate

    Crisp chocolate waffles, paired with refreshing mint gelato
  • Panna cotta

    Creamy Italian dessert, crowned with fresh strawberries
  • Tortino

    A heart-melting chocolate soufflé
  • Cassata siciliana

    A slice of Sicily, a homemade cake bursting with tradition


Ensuring a safe dining for all
Especially if you have allergies, they prioritize transparency and attentiveness to guests dietary needs. The staff is always available to provide allergen information and assistance. Amalur understand that dining is a something personal, so they strive to accommodate the unique preferences and restrictions of each guest. Whether you have specific dietary requirements or preferences, the team will ensure that your visit is seamless and enjoyable.


Easy to find
Las Dos Lunas is located south of San Rafael, within walking distance between Privilege and Amnesia. It is very easy to reach using navigation, but be careful not to miss the turn, as it is easy to overlook. As you approach, you will see large stone walls on your right, the well-known walls of Las Dos Lunas. There is also a large parking lot where you can easily park.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Eco-conscious approach
Las Dos Lunas is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring that its operations have minimal impact on the environment. They embraces a 0 Km philosophy, using local products  and has its own ecological garden, serving the freshest vegetables and baking their own bread daily right on the terrace. Additionally, Las Dos Lunas promotes waste reduction and recycling initiatives, allowing guests to enjoy their dining experience guilt-free, knowing that sustainability is at the forefront of the values.


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